SEO Website Architecture

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Make no mistake. Proper website architecture is absolutely essential for achieving top search engine rankings. If your website isn’t presented in the right manner, the search engines won’t be able to index all of your pages or rank it properly.

At AudibleThinking, we know what the search engines crave. We understand the vast impact coding and design has on a website’s search engine visibility. That’s why we use an extensive SEO website architecture checklist to ensure every element on your website is addressed and tweaked for optimal search engine performance.

Our SEO website architecture services address:
  • » Website code
  • » Navigation and information structure
  • » Internal and external links
  • » Site maps
  • » SEO content optimization
  • » Page titles and title tags
  • » URLs
  • » And so much more…

In short, we make sure every single facet of your website is optimized so that you can achieve the best possible rankings in the search results. We’re incredibly thorough, ensuring no detail is overlooked. And we’re constantly tracking results to make sure your website is performing the way it should.

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