Phone Call Lead Tracking

Measure Every Response from Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Without accurate measurement of sales inquiries, it’s impossible to truly know how effective your internet marketing campaign really is. That’s why AudibleThinking uses advanced phone call tracking technology to deliver complete lead management.

Here’s how it works:

» Toll-free or local numbers are created and assigned to each of your online ads
» Incoming calls are tracked and the origin of the call identified
» Phone calls can be recorded if you wish
» Phone call tracking is integrated into Google Analytics
» Full call detail reports are delivered regularly

The result? You get key insights into the effectiveness of each of your internet marketing and advertising campaigns. This is essential for assessing which tactics are delivering results and which need to be improved. This knowledge ensures that your marketing budget is never wasted.

The time to start planning for your business’ success is right now. You can’t afford to wait another minute while the competition passes you by.

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