Internet Marketing Services Overview

Phone Call Tracking

Without accurate measurement of sales inquiries, it’s impossible to truly know how effective your internet marketing campaign really is. That’s why AudibleThinking uses advanced phone call tracking technology to deliver complete lead management. More info

Lead Delivery

At AudibleThinking, we place a priority on effective lead development and delivery. We know that if your Website isn’t generating leads, it’s not doing its job. And we also know that if you don’t have a strong system in place for tracking and nurturing your leads, then all that hard work is for nothing. More info

Google Analytics

At AudibleThinking, we offer a complete selection of Google Analytics services that include: implementation, Management, analysis, customization, ongoing support, consultation, and so much more. More info

Website Analytics

How effective is your website? With us watching your web analytics, you’ll get detailed information about website traffic, visitor behavior, and the effectiveness of your Internet Marketing efforts. More info

Tracking & Measurement

In short, we gather as much data as we possibly can so we can to identify what’s working and what can be improved. For you, this means you’ll enjoy complete transparency from your marketing company. More info

Conversion Tracking

Through the use of Google Analytics and phone tracking technology, we’re able to accurately track how many conversions your website is generating. A conversion is achieved anytime a visitor to your website takes the action you desire (e.g. call now, schedule a consultation, place an order, etc.). More info

Social Media Marketing

There’s no avoiding the hype surrounding social media marketing right now. You’ve probably heard some of the success stories of businesses leveraging blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets to gain more customers and make more sales. More info

Social Media Optimization

Is your Website Open Graph enabled so people can "Like" your content? Is your Facebook Fan Page customized with a call to action? Is your Twitter account setup correctly and attracting followers? Social Media is a very important part of successful online marketing. Let us take a look. More info

Local Business Advertising

These days, when customers need to find a local business that offers the products and services they desire, they go straight to the internet to do a search. If you have a strong local business advertising campaign, your company will get found by local customers who are ready to do business now. More info

Pay Per Click Management

We manage PPC campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses in Houston and across the country for years. We focus on how to maximize sales and generate leads while spending your PPC budget as efficiently as possible. More info

Search Engine Optimization

If your website isn’t turning up at the top of these search results, you’re missing out on opportunities every day to generate more leads and make more sales. And guess who is benefiting from your lack of a search engine presence? Your competition. More info

Search Engine Marketing & Promotion

If your company’s website isn’t turning up in the search results when customers are looking for the products and services you offer, you’re missing out on opportunities every day to generate more leads and make more sales. More info

SEO Website Architecture

Make no mistake. Proper website architecture is absolutely essential for achieving top search engine rankings. If your website isn’t presented in the right manner, the search engines won’t be able to index all of your pages or rank it properly. More info

SEO Content Writing

At AudibleThinking, we understand that at the heart of every successful marketing campaign is powerful, persuasive content that attracts the right audience and turns readers into customers. That’s why we offer SEO content writing services to help your business build a stronger online presence. More info

Sales Funnel Development

At AudibleThinking, we know what it takes to get the attention of website visitors. We can restructure your website so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for as soon as they arrive on the page. This immediately guides the visitor to the sales funnel, leading them to take the specific action you desire. More info More info

Mobile Website Development

The Mobile Web is growing by leaps and bounds and while most websites look okay on a Smartphone they are not optimized for the Smartphone. You have to pinch, scroll and zoom in and out. AudibleThinking builds a Mobile Friendly version of your website that looks good in all mobile devices. More info More info

Website Development

At AudibleThinking, we specialize in developing highly effective websites that attract quality traffic and convert visitors into hot leads and paying customer More info

Brand Development

We offer a range of brand development services to increase awareness of your company, build credibility with your target audience, and increase your sales. Our branding services are all rooted in Internet marketing and custom-tailored to your specific needs. More info More info