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Meet our superb TEAM – They are the soul of AudibleThinking.com

Jon Roland

CEO, SEO Specialist

Jon Roland studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Houston and graduated in 2000. He went to work designing beautiful websites back when SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wasn’t really a thing yet. Back then Meta Keywords was how you told Google what your site was about. Jon quickly realized that a web site by itself is not good enough, you needed a web site that could easily be found.

Jon has built a successful Internet Marketing business by getting Certified in Google Ads and renewing that certification as needed. He has experience in driving quality traffic in almost all industries and has gotten pretty good at the complicated Google Ads system.

Jon’s motto is if your website is not increasing your sales then it is not working properly.

Trina Daniels

Content Writer

Trina Daniels is a professional writer with a marketing background. She has been writing since the 8th grade when she was noticed for poetry and an article in a school newspaper and then a community newspaper. She writes commercial scripts for radio and tv, slogans, print materials, and brochures. She also writes social media posts, SEO friendly content, blogs, articles, web pages, and bios. She writes podcast notes and summaries. She also does keyword research and basic graphics.

Her writing voice is casual, friendly, informative and accessible. You can count on this team member to meet deadlines, be teachable, and keep a good attitude. She believes in continually learning, growing and developing. She loves working together on projects to pull everything together to exceed the clients’ expectations.

Geos M P

Designer / Full Stack Developer

A full stack Designer, Developer, Project/Resource Manager acts a key role on our team, responsible for front and back-end web development with knowledge in all stages of software development. Understands how to work with several languages and databases including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything in between. Clear understanding around the skills and responsibilities needed for the specific project and ongoing work.

Time management and analytical skills with an ability to perform several tasks at the same time & to translate requirements into a finished project. Possess good Communication skills to collaborate with clients and internal development teams and capable with excellent Problem-solving ability.

Deepthi Abraham

Test Analyst

Skilled with experience in testing websites from an end-user role to ensure they function appropriately. Provides excellent documentation of usability issues and functionality. Has top-notch documentation skills and excellent written communication abilities and Understands the need for appropriately efficient and informative web sites.

Strong understanding of website functionality requirements, Provides excellent testing and feedback regarding link issues. Provides quick feedback to website development team prior to website rollout. Makes recommendations for solutions after problem identification. Has strong knowledge of user-friendly workability. She is very analytical and detail-oriented & Provides final-phase testing procedures and follows all guidelines.

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