Statistics Tracking & Measurement

A Strategic Approach for Improved Marketing Results

At AudibleThinking, we believe the only way to create the best possible marketing campaign for your company is to track everything. That means collecting web traffic results, monitoring visitor behavior on your website, tracking the volume of leads your campaign is generating, and so much more. In short, we gather as much data as we possibly can so we can to identify what’s working and what can be improved.

For you, this means you’ll enjoy complete transparency from your marketing company. You’ll clearly see the level of results you’re getting for your marketing investment. No gimmicks. No lies. It’s all right there, so you can hold us accountable.

Our tracking and measurement services include:

» Website Analytics— We analyze the server logs for your website to learn visitor habbits and paths that they take through your sales funnel. We can learn what pages have a problem and if any pages are causing visitors to leave your site before performing the desired action.

» Google Analytics— After Google Analytics is integrated into your website, you’ll be able to easily track web traffic, on-page activity, visitor trends, and so much more. This data provides valuable insight, allowing us to take the necessary actions to optimize your site for improved performance. Click here to learn more

» Lead Delivery— Don’t let a single lead get lost. Our lead delivery services tracks every lead you get, monitoring the sources of your leads as well as their overall quality. Click here to learn more

» Phone Call Tracking— Track inbound phone calls with detailed reporting for measuring the success of your marketing campaign. Discover the benefits of call tracking. Click here to learn more…

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